During the day I work for the Corporate Digital Communications team in my local council developing backend and frontend functionality for both the main site and any microsites that are needed for campaigns or promotions. I have a general broad knowledge of Dreamweaver, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JQuery, WordPress, PHP & MySQL. I’ve also designed event flyers, stickers and tshirts.

I’m proud to say that everything I know about web design / development is completely self-taught from books and tutorials on the internet. I sometimes wish I had gone to University to study the subject but it doesn’t seem to have held me back so far.

When I’m not designing websites, my other interests include VW’s, scooters, fishing and DJ’ing. The DJ’ing and scooters go hand in hand through the organisation of a scooter club I help to run known as the Darkside. It’s one of the largest internet based scooter clubs in the world and takes me to all corners of the UK during the summer months where myself and a few others provide alternative music arenas playing everything from Indie through to Drum’n’Bass.

Matt DownThere are some links to my mixcloud and soundcloud profiles on this page and if you’d like me to come and DJ at your party or event, then please get in touch.