The website design process can be broken down into the following areas:


Behind every successful website is a well thought out project plan. I can help you think about what it is exactly you are trying to achieve by having a website and who your target audience is. We can then work out the best ways to reach them.

Your website budget will also be considered at this stage to ensure we can squeeze in as much functionality for you as possible. If you’ve seen other sites that you like the look of, we can discuss what bits of them you like such as their colour schemes or general layouts. I can provide you with basic layout plans known as wireframes so that you can start to picture how your site may look.


How a user interacts with a site and the lasting feeling they are left with is also known as the User Experience (UX). The contributing factors are: How easy is it to use the site? Is it easy to find the information that the user is looking for? Was the text / information easy to understand? Was it generally pleasing to look at?

The User Experience then influences the User Interface (UI). This is the general aesthetics of the site which covers everything from colour schemes through to images and font styles and sizes. It’s at this stage that I can create static visuals of your site in Photoshop which can be discussed and tweaked before being signed off.


The next stage of the site build is coding… the true nitty gritty where I hand-code using HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery and PHP to create the underlying functionality. My current framework / CMS of choice is WordPress which makes development faster and allows site content and updates to be managed by you if you choose to do so.

You’ll be given a development / beta web address which is hidden from public view so that you can see how things are progressing during the build stage. This also allows us to discuss things before the agreed final site launch date.

Promote & Analyse

Filling a website with meaningful content and making it go live for all the world to see is far from the end of things. A well thought out and planned promotion phase through the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics can give your site that extra boost it needs and result in more visitors.

We can work out which parts of your site are getting more visitors than others and then look at the reasons why as well as taking advantage of these facts to rethink your site structure. This is a very on-going process throughout the life of the website but something that can be easily managed and altered by you, the site owner if you so wish.


Pricing obviously depends on how much work is involved in your site and any ongoing requirements you need. A small scale brochure site (less than 5 pages) can start from as little as £150 though and a very basic CMS / Ecommerce site from as little as £350.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements and we can take things from there.